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Inspiring Healing Through Raising Awareness


When I named this site, I based it on my belief that the journey towards happiness and fulfillment can be achieved by raising our awareness. I view my role as a therapist as providing the safety and compassion necessary for the client to discover his or her unique journey. I serve as a witness, companion, and guide as I join my clients. I believe growth and awareness occur best within the safety of an honest respectful relationship. In my office, I assist you to express the full range of your emotions in a judgment-free, one-on-one relationship. You can try out new ways of thinking, expressing and feeling as you discover your authentic self.


The authentic self is not based on your role, job or assigned importance from your family or society. It is the core of your unique talents, personality and wisdom. When we are born we do not base our sense of self on what society or our family expects us to be. We just  “are”.  As we get older, sometimes we may develop a “mask” of who we are in order to fit in or survive. It is when our authentic self is in conflict with our “fictional” self that we experience distress. Often it is this stress that brings us to seek therapy.


I also believe that when we have been leading a life in conflict with ourselves, our body will begin to express the emotional distress with physical ailments or disease. This being out of alignment with “who we are” often leads to bodily symptoms. This is why I will also address your ability to tune in to your body's signals and to understand what your emotions are trying to teach you.


I have found that the more aware we are of the messages our emotions, body and symptoms are sending us, the more aware we become. It is through this awareness that leads us to evolve into our authentic self. It is not a forced process made through my pushing or judgment; it is a process that unfolds as you are ready. Each person is allowed to progress in the time that is right for them. My style is one of compassion, understanding and a kind directness that will leave you feeling heard and seen.


Please browse my website and contact me to schedule your first appointment.

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